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I offer periodic six-week groups for women, SoulMatters: Finding Your Way Back Home. The location is in Berkeley.


The intention of the group is to bring forth and welcome parts of ourselves that have been unknown, abandoned, rejected or neglected, such as:

• a part that has needs and desires

• an aspect that wants to be fully alive and take up space

• a part that can be assertive and set boundaries


Some desired outcomes or positive possibilities that the group work supports are:

• reconnect with deeper aspects of yourself

• discover what is true for yourself

• understand more fully and begin working through obstacles to being who you are and living the life you want to live

• make sense of how you are the way you are

With an intention of awakening and listening to the soul, the group utilizes:

• drumming

• poetry

• meditation

• journaling

• self-empathy

• systemic constellations


Through the use of these techniques, we co-create a safe and welcoming environment for these parts of ourselves that we have distanced from. Working with systemic constellations we begin to recognize deeply embedded patterns that repeat themselves and that have been passed down for generations which prevent us being fully ourselves. 


One of the potential outcomes from constellations work is to begin to disentangle ourselves from inherited unconscious dynamics which can then lead to increased freedom. This method was first developed in the 1990s by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, and is being utilized by many practitioners all over the world as it continues to evolve.

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